Simplified Booking

Prime Deviation Simplified Training/Consulting 

As an AI and compliance training and consulting firm, Prime Deviation is uniquely equipped to help organizations achieve product delivery, operational objectives, and compliance readiness. Our experience building machine learning systems and data security solutions (for companies ranging from SpaceX and Tesla to scaling early-stage startups) allows us to design AI-powered solutions tailored to each company's needs, risk profile, and resources.

We provide specialized services for navigating audit and compliance frameworks, as well as building and deploying AI responsibly. From augmented documentation to compliance architecture, or from talent acceleration to custom product development, Prime Deviation offers training programs and end-to-end support to help organizations stay agile with enterprise-level capabilities at cost-effective rates.

Strategize your AI and compliance roadmaps with experts dedicated to your success. Request a free consultation and see how we help innovative companies achieve objectives and deliver value without compromising vision. Prime Deviation, a difference that makes a difference.

Prime Deviation offers a range of training and consulting services over a broad section of emerging technology. We are business and technology generalists who track emerging technology closely.

We provide training/consulting services in the following categories:

  • ML/AI Product Development
  • ML/AIOps
  • 3D Render Hardware and Automation Pipelines
  • Video Production Pipeline Version Control
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Emerging Tech Education
  • Startup Bootstrapping
  • SDLC and Release Automation
  • SRE and Production Engineering
  • Cloud Infrastructure

For existing clients, we offer the simplified subscription model below to quickly book dedicated time with our consultants

Technical Training Subscription Plans

  • Advising & Training: Up to 3 meetings per month with research and prep for discussion.  This could be ML/AI Product Development, Talent Acquisition, or Emerging Tech Education.
  • Consulting & Training: Up to 4 meetings per month with detailed requirements analysis and project planning
  • Consulting, Training & Implementation: The same as Planning with up to 10 hours a week to oversee the implementation and testing of a solution
  • Dedicated: The same as above with a dedicated resource to work full-time on the project to oversee the training, implementation, and testing of a solution and address issues in real time. 

Additional hours are available at $500/hr