Prime Deviation's Mission

  • We focus on products at the intersection of education and employment because the future of humanity depends on this crucial nexus. 
  • Teaching critical thinking skills, meta-cognitive tools, and mental models to equip our customers to solve global problems.
  • Work to create and widely distribute sense-making and belief-updating tools for the benefit of humanity.
  • Encourage specific action toward solutions while meaningfully changing constraints as a function of the growth in general intelligence of the population.
  • Use technology to teach people and extend their capabilities. Our goal is to develop the ideal AI teacher.
  • By combining specialized agents with a general executive function and a HitL interface, we hope to enable more useful agents that extend human capabilities.
  • Our products include real-time agents informing and assisting individuals in learning and professional environments.
  • Our products observe and validate the capabilities of professional contributors, adding efficiency to the labor market and giving individuals and organizations a way to understand and improve themselves.
  • By mapping and extending the abstract categories of human intelligence we work to optimize the rate and extent of human learning
  • Our tools quantify, catalog, and collect data on the human learning process and the aggregate sum of individual and group knowledge.
  • By aligning humans with AI agents in complementary and synergistic ways, our products enable symbiogenesis of the two. The result is a new type of intelligent agent with capabilities beyond the sum of its parts. 
  • By tightly integrating AI agents with human executive pilots, we create a hybrid agent. The capabilities of the hybrid intelligence expand as a function of the capabilities of the contributing agents. This gives humanity a path to directly benefit from the exponential advancement of technology, rather than being subsumed and replaced.