Prime Deviation's Services

Prime Deviation Services

Our services provide hands-on support to put these strategies into action:

1. Staffing/Recruiting

Prime Deviation’s Staffing/Recruiting service takes a focused approach to talent acquisition. Integrated with the HeroiX marketplace and Chronicle Interview platform, this package offers a consultation with a domain specialist to design personalized interview pipelines for your open roles. 

Each Job to be Done Includes:
  • up to 5 interview types
  • Custom steps for each interview type
  • Experience Assessments
  • Skill Evaluations
  • Tour of duty template, for collaboratively designing the relationship with your candidates

2. AI/ML Domain Expertise Advising and Consulting

Navigate the complex landscape of AI with guidance from Prime Deviation’s domain experts. In our one-hour introductory meeting, we’ll assess your organization’s specific needs and devise strategies that yield a competitive edge. From monthly or weekly update meetings, we continually refine our recommendations, ensuring you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving AI world. If our strategy includes a product or service, we’ll provide actionable implementation options. Our team provides a diverse set of services including requirements gathering, project management, model training pipeline implementation, ongoing MLOps, data quality assessments, and staffing to give your organization a running start or vital assistance to your AI/ML objectives

3. Architecture Consulting

Whether it’s Product Development, DevOps, Site Reliability, or Cloud Infrastructure Automation, Prime Deviation’s Architecture Consulting service crafts tailored solutions for your unique challenges. Our domain experts will architect a solution that aligns with your goals and provide implementation options that fit your subscription level. Let us help you build robust and scalable systems that drive your business forward.

4. Startup 0 to 1

Early-stage startups face the daunting task of reaching product-market fit. Our Startup 0 to 1 consulting offers strategic insights into startup assistance programs, business experiments, focus groups, marketing strategy, fitness functions, and critical hiring advice. We guide you through the delicate early phases, setting the stage for success.

5. Startup 1 to N

For startups ready to scale, Startup 1 to N consulting is your growth partner. Leveraging our network of high-performing engineers (including talents from SpaceX, Tesla, Google, etc.), we offer team building, compliance preparation, cloud infrastructure, staffing/recruiting, and strategic advice to capture market share. It’s time to grow, and we’re here to make it happen.

6. Custom GPU/Render Nodes

Gain a technological edge with Prime Deviation’s Custom GPU/Render Nodes. Designed for AI/ML model training or CGI 3D graphics rendering, our custom-built GPU boxes are the perfect solution for advanced computational needs. Complete with model training pipeline setup and staffing/training, we empower you to build internal capabilities for AI and graphics rendering.