The Chronicles-Dashboard plugin introduces the concept of Chronicles

Chronicles record daily habits, incremental changes, accomplishments, and skills, providing an overview of a user’s market value. Whether you’re a job seeker, a hiring manager, a recruiter, or a development partner, The Chronicle-Dashboard offers an account of your journey, transforming daily habits into a narrative of professional development. Chronicles are a story of progress, a record of professional journeys, and a tool for showcasing value in the employment marketplace.

The Chronicles-Dashboard extends the concept of “Jobs to be Done” by breaking them down into Interview Types. These Interview Types function as stages in the interview pipeline, with each stage focusing on a different aspect of the job role.

Each Interview Type, in turn, is divided into specific steps. These steps follow a structured format, typically beginning with an introduction, followed by a series of targeted questions or tasks. These questions or tasks are designed to evaluate a candidate’s capabilities in relation to the specific demands of the Job to be Done.

The dashboard provides a platform for constructing and managing these Interview Types. Hiring Managers can customize each stage of the interview, tailoring the questions and tasks to assess the skills and competencies most relevant to the job role.

We have included a demo interview based on the Google Staff SRE interview loop. This demo showcases the flexibility of the Chronicles-Dashboard, providing a practical example of how Hiring Managers can tailor the interview process to meet the specific requirements of a Job to be Done.

By enabling Hiring Managers to construct detailed, customized interview pipelines, the Chronicles-Dashboard enhances the efficiency of the hiring process, ensuring that candidates are evaluated in a way that increases the likelihood of a valuable hire.